Ready To Learn With ADHD?

Person with ADHD [attention deficit hyperactive disorder] should be willing to learn. Sometimes, wrong diagnose becomes a big hindrance. The person needs special attention to move forward. ADHD is an auditory processing dysfunction. This affects brain, eyes, and ears.

Person with ADHD suffers from hand and eye coordination disabilities. Impaired eye creates problem in learning. Eyes with problem fail to interpret the meaning of observation. This makes the eye to see things in a different light. In this situation, one person sees the meaning of words clearly, and other person does not. The eye is responsible.

But, it is not true for all the cases. People with ADHD have hearing problem also. This person gets learning disability due to this problem. In hearing impairment, auditory nerve ending is affected. This prevents brain to send sound waves to part of the brain. This results in interpretation disabilities. This finally affects speech. Hearing and seeing are important part of the learning process.

Children with eye and hearing disabilities have to be taught in different way than normal. Internet is an important factor. It gives you different learning techniques. This helps children with learning disabilities cope up. Still, you have to consider different methods.

The reason is that cases with learning disabilities are not that easy to solve. You find it difficult to interpret in case of hand and eye impairment. Coordination is important for easy learning. Coordination provides balance. This is an important factor to learn.

You see hyperactivity in ADHD cases. Hyperactivity creates aggression in child. This prevents him to learn. This disease of mind refuses to die down. This creates another major problem, called restlessness. These people lose attention. These cases have short tension spans. They fail to understand the meanings in a proper way. In these cases, mind, and body are stretched above the limit. This makes the mind at a tug of war always.

The people with learning disability cannot focus on time. These people lose balance. They resort to alcohol, drugs, and crime. The department of mental health finds it difficult to find a solution. Individuality is above the material world. Proper steps have to be taken to make ADHD cases learn. Man is a precious creation. You cannot forget this.