Pregnancy Disability Insurance

The disability insurance plans cover a lot of possibilities that could render one unable to continue working in a normal manner. During such a gap, you can get the benefits like half or two-third of your salary including in conditions like pregnancy. This is because there is a pregnancy disability insurance, which allows a female employee to take the maternity leaves as a granted paid leave and hence, protects against loss of wages due to absence from work. A woman is subjected to claim a pregnancy leave even after the birth of her child till 12 weeks for bonding well with the child and after her own health. Some employers cover the period of pregnancy leave under the FMLA while some others don't give the salary to the employee on the grounds of pregnancy leave.

In that case, the employee can buy a private insurance which promises to pay her for the days in leave; this account to 60 to 70% of her income and some of the medical expenses. It’s a kind of short-term disability insurance plan. Basically, it is given to a lady till four weeks after the child birth from the sixth or fifth month of her pregnancy. But if due to a cesarean she needs more rest, a medical certificate from the doctor would extend it for another 8 weeks. There are even provisions for benefits from state disability insurance for the pregnant woman to get the benefits during her leave period.

The time for is generally four weeks before the childbirth to six weeks after the childbirth. During pregnancy, the woman cannot work like otherwise and hence she needs rest and homely care. Thus, with this notion, the benefits are forwarded to ensure safe physical and financial health of the woman and her family.