People With Disabilities

Seeing a person on wheelchair, with hearing aid or with black goggles and a stick is enough for you to know that how tough life could be for people with disabilities. They always have to take support of others to do there work. When we look at them, we can feel there pain, but still we don't treat them well. It is important to give proper importance to these people also. Our creator is same and we must respect his decision.

We must take care of disabled or handicapped people. Disabilities could be of different types like cognitive disabilities, deafness or hearing disabilities, learning disability, mental disabilities, physical disabilities, reading disabilities and visual disabilities. You could be a disable from birth or you can get disability later on in your life. But, you should have enough courage to deal with these disabilities and keep a positive frame of mind. This will make you believe that you are not less than anyone and you can come over your disability by proving yourself.

You should be sure in your heart that you want to prove yourself and then no one can stop you. There are many special schools opening up for people suffering from different disabilities. You can also help a disable person by motivating him to believe that he can do something.

There are already many people with disabilities who have proved themselves by standing out against odd circumstances. Alexander Graham Bell, Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller and Louis Braille have proved themselves by excelling in different fields. This has proved that people who have some disabilities can also do something extraordinary and all it requires is a bit of will power. You must motivate disable people to come out of the shell and experience the beautiful world ahead.