Non-verbal Learning Disability

This is a specific neurological condition in the left hemisphere of our brain which inhibits the development of our socializing skills according to the normative tradition of the society.

This problem comes with its own symptoms which are both negative and positive and can be identified in the early or pre-schooling years of a child. Generally, these people excel in verbal skills of communication, reading and comprehension skills. Therefore, the problem is not an indicator of their level of intelligence.

Further, they are also very talented in bouts which requires heavy concentration skills. They face problem when it comes to social interaction, understanding gestures, or non-verbal hints of day-to-day events. This comes out quite sharply when at an early age they do not respond to hugs or cuddling of their parents and the gestures of friends. Further, they remain quite blunt in making judgments about things which are important or about people with whom they are living. Secondly, they do not retain social images and have poor recall of people and their acquaintances.

With these features, a person who is suffering from this disorder might come across as someone very sharp in oratory skills, intelligence, and in their articulation of thoughts. But they are very aloof and drawn away from social gatherings and have few friends and are very cold to casual talks and gossip. He might start upon a conversation eloquently but may not be able to judge the response of his audience. Many a times, this condition develops when a person faces long-term failure at social and personal fronts. Encountering such a condition can be a traumatic experience and also cause a lot of depression. In some cases, very little can be done through any kind of medication. Then, treatment depends upon a lot of personal care and support.