Long Term Disability

Long term disability is an insurance policy that proves to be very beneficial for those workers who unfortunately have to face some illness or accident for a longer period of time. It starts when the short term disability term ends. When a person realizes that he can not get back to work because of his prolonged illness then starts the long term disability.

This is a very good policy because the time when you suddenly realize that you cannot work because of your physical disabilities or mental disabilities then you can rely on this policy. This policy saves you from financial backdrops, you could have faced otherwise. In long term disability benefit payments, you will get 66.67 % of your monthly earnings. But, if you have some other policies and are likely to get benefits from them as well then your benefits will change, if needed. Your total income should not exceed 85 % of your actual income. If it combines to become more than that, the benefits are reduced accordingly.

But, you will only be eligible for the long term disability benefits only when you will prove that you are not able to work at all. You have to prove this by submitting a proper medical certificate. You should be able to prove that you are not able to switch over to any other job as well. Then only, you will be able to get the benefits of social security disability insurance. You will get these benefits till you are 65 years old. But if you are still totally disabled or handicapped then you will keep on getting the benefits of this plan.

The number of people suffering from this are increasing in USA and that is why people are opting for this disability protection way. This is a good disability right that can help you in a big way to come out of the trauma of disability that you and your family can face. These are disability rights that people should know about and use.