Learning Disability

Learning disability is a neurobiological disorder which leads to improper working of brain. When the structure of your brain is quite different from others then it makes you unable to read, write or understand things. But the problem in learning caused due to visual disabilities, hearing disabilities or deafness, physical disabilities, handicap, retardation or some other problem is not learning disability.

You can came to know about this disorder in a child by judging his performance at school. You can get to know about this if your child is not able to learn language, mathematics, spell words, social skills and organizing skills. Child can also have reading disabilities and writing disabilities. This could also include brain dysfunction, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia. The poor results in tests can make you know that there is some learning disability in your child.

Such children can learn things, but slowly and with some different methods. So, if your child is not performing well at school then learning disability could be a problem and a cause of making your child disabled.

There is no need to worry because you can make your child learn with the help of clinical psychologist, school psychologist, educational psychologist, neuropsychologist, psychometrist, speech and language therapist. All of them are specialists who can help your child to come over the disability.

It is advised to look in to the problem, as soon as possible. The earlier you treat it, the better would be the results. Once the child keeps on failing then one day he will lack behind. This continuous failure can lead to frustration and lower self confidence. Help at the right time can make your child reach to his potential and stand with others in a same row.

So, don't be scared of a learning disability and try to find it out as soon as possible and cure it and bring your child back in the main stream.