Learn How To Live With Disability?

If you have disability, accept it and move on. It is better to go for medical examination and take life in its stride. Perfect human beings have too many personal motives to care for the disabled lot and they just suffer in silence.

If you have suffered from learning disability and have had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD], it might be difficult for you to learn. But, this is not the end of world for you. People with such disabilities prove to be having gifted minds later on in their life. People with these disabilities learn at different levels. Some famous people have had ADHD, dyslexia bipolar etc etc. and research reveals that only few of them actually have learning disabilities. Cases of schizophrenia also include the category of learning disabilities since the people who are supposed to look after them keep them away from getting normal.

The disabled cases get hallucinations, voices outside head and delusions. They get psychotic breaks of mind more often. Still they want to do something in academic and learn to get a degree. Mentally handicapped face interruptions of body and mind. Histrionic personality types have learning disability. They are also called surrounding minds. Borderline personality patients have learning disability showing grandiosity [medical term] symptoms. These people cannot engage themselves in normal activities.

Borderline personalities do not want to be left alone and sometimes tend to have suicidal tendencies. They have fear which is beyond limit. It is difficult for such people to learn for educational degree. Mental illness is not always responsible for learning disabilities. The disabled people need proper role models to guide them. They should be treated with love and compassion, they can be shown movies of compassion. From these, they can learn many things which depict disability and the cure of disability.

Black-a national award winning Indian movie is one of the finest examples of the success of a disabled child. The movie shows that the mentor of the child has to understand her total persona to get victory. He fights all odds to cure her. In the end, he wins when the disabled girl graduates from the prestigious university. Learning disability is also related to linguistics and for proper cure, one has to understand all these.