Handicapped Kids Need Special Care!

The word ‘handicap’ should be seen in a larger perspective than mere physical appearance of inabilities. The American Disability Association defines handicap as a physical as well as mental or other disorder of any kind that prohibits the person from doing normal work like others.

Thus, before you go to declare a kid as handicap, you have to look at the various aspects. If you notice that there are no visible physical handicap signs in a child showing they are not handicap, you may be wrong in your perspective. A child may look fit physically or normal but mentally, he may not be normal and be not able to do things which his counterpart might do very easily.

Although the statistic of handicapped kids in US is still debatable, the government seems to be concerned and clearly states that these children need more attention and care. To check any kind of abuse against these children, the government has come up with various plans and laws so that the kids are not discriminated against in any way.

First of all, the State has passed laws to facilitate the environment for them in schools, colleges, libraries, and buses so that they can have the comfort to move on freely and are not bothered by anything. There must be special provision of lawns, corridors, and toilets in the school premises for them and any authority neglecting them would be under the subjection of punishment as per violation of disability codes.

The next comes the special training for teachers which should be conducted for them to deal with such handicapped kids in schools. The very first thing that the teachers should remember is that these kids are not normal like the other children and therefore, they need extra care and treatment. In these programs, the teachers are trained and taught various methods and ways to tackle handicap problems. Even the parents are called in to discuss the problems of their disabled kids and how to act with them so that they get an opportunity to grow like other children, on equal terms.