Handicapped Kids

Kids with disabilities are called handicapped kids. There is a double disadvantage for the handicapped kids - being too young to look after themselves and being disabled. Their problem gets compounded if they poor and unresourceful. Disabilities in kids may arise due to certain factors.

Some kids are handicapped by born due to hereditary factors. These factors may be related to diseases like Mongolism, Patau Syndrome or an x-factor gene. Secondly, sometimes a medication can influence a child, causing permanent or temporary disabilities in them. It may also occur due to radiation therapy undertaken by a pregnant mother. Sometimes, wrong handling of the unborn child with sub-standard medical instruments results in disability of the child. In addition to these factors, prospective mothers suffering from any fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS are prone to having disabled children. The early diagnosis of the disease may help in arresting the disease from getting worse.

Such children need emotional help to overcome indifference and apathy of the society. Medical assistance at the right is must for handicap kids. This assistance is closely associated with the economic assistance because without it medication and welfare for such children is impossible. Other steps include, conducting training programs for kids to improve their physical mobility, running special schools for physically and mentally challenged kids, and organizing fairs and sports activities for them.