Handicap Ramp Construction

Handicap ramp construction is important as wheelchair bound people and disabled or handicapped persons use handicap ramps to access elevated areas as well as downward areas. Wheel chair ramps can be difficult for some disabled people. As such, such an individual should be provided with a handicap ramp. Different handicapped people have different physical needs and that is why such a construction is important to function as a mobility aid.

The handicap ramp is designed to help different types of handicapped people. Handicap ramps provide the facility of access to many areas such as gardens or garages. Wooden ramp is designed with the following requirements:

1)  1" rise is required for every 12" run of a ramp.
2)  Maximum rise of a ramp is 30".
3)  Inside clear width of a ramp should not be less than 36".
4)  It is also important to provide landings at the top and bottom.
5)  Handrails have to provided to both sides of the ramp.
6)  Wooden ramp surfaces should be covered with rolled roofing to prevent slipping surface.

The rehabilitation and disability rights of the disabled people have to be protected. As such, American with disabilities act (ADA) provides guidelines for treating people with disability. It is also important that handicapped people be provided with all the benefits they require to lead a life like that of people without disabilities and handicap ramp construction is just a step towards their better living.