Grab The Handicap Grab Bars

A handicap person has many troubles. In addition to mild or severe mental ability they may have restricted movements also. They also lack the ability to balance themselves ans need some support to move about.

Grab bars are of many kinds like shower bars, bathtub bars and central support bars depending on its use in a particular acitivity and help create a safe environment for people with disabilities and  limited mobility. This is because handicapped persons use them to maintain balance and prevent accidents.

Falls are a common accident around the home for handicap individuals. Therefore, the ADA emphasizes grab bar and safety rail installation. They are perfect in providing a barrier free solution. As emphasized by the ADA in both new and existing homes, when installed properly, grab bars can be used throughout the home, public buildings and work places to facilitate a safer environment and prevent falls along halls, steps and ramps.

There are a large number to choose from and can custom build any raililng suited to the needs of a handicap person. Safety bars and railings are easily available in a wide variety of styles and configurations.

Manufacturers like SURCHMORE gives a  complete stainless steel solid grab bars for use. It ensures  safety and durability. Bars are easily  availble and that too in a variety of styls, diameters, sizes, configurations aand good surface.  An another manufacture Elcoma Metal also provide good handicap bars manufactured on the basis of the demends of the customers' requests and best suited to the needs of a physically challenged person. These days color coordinated grab bars are very popular. The custom contrast bars are also very smoothand knurled.

The Social Security Administration provides grants to the handicap person so that they can afford these handicap bars as some manufacturers have kept the rate of these bars very high and some parents or caretakers find it difficult to buy an effective handrails and bars.