Handicap Devices

Handicap devices are devices for disabled persons with high quality assistance technology for making things easier and safer to carry out. The devices for handicaps should be affordable and easy to operate or use.

In 1970, Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons' Act made it a compulsion for the local authorities in the UK to see that disabled persons had enough disability assistance in their own homes. In 1971, the Department of Health and Social Security Disability Service brought forward the proposal for a better provision of simple personal mobility aids and other domestic equipment and fixation of admissible adapted equipment in their homes.

The American Disability Association (ADA) also nodded for handicap devices for the declared disabilities like hearing disabilities, learning disabilities, mental disabilities, visual disabilities and other physical disabilities by the disability forums. The devices will help the disabled person to perform activities with gusto and rejoice.

The Social Security Disability is a practical solution for getting the rights meant for them by the government. They help them to get their rights and financially assist them to get hold of disability devices.

For their safety in mobility, handicap safety devices have been introduced like the wheel chair, handicap van, scooters, walkers etc. They are not only a safe option for moving but also are safe in the kind of easy handling. Handicap safety means a safety from their greatest threat of inability, social security, financial assistance for rehabilitation and a normal life with different kinds of aids.

Some disability products include:

A) Bathroom/ shower and toilet aids meant for comfort in the bathroom.
B) Bedroom comfort and safety meant for mobility or activity within the bathroom.
C) Dressing and grooming aids to make things easier.
D) Low vision aids for eyes.
E) Eating and drinking aids in the dinning table.
F) Walkers, canes, accessories for movement.
G) Wheel chairs for motion.