Go For An Early Diagnosis If Your Child Suffers From Learning Disabilities!

Do you know why your child is not performing well at school academically, even though he/she has adequate potential, the answer may be that the child may be suffering from a learning disability. That however does not mean that your child is less than normally intelligent. It only means that he/she has some problem areas in learning which can be attribute to some neurobiological problem.

People with learning disabilities learn differently because either their brain functions in a different manner or has a different neurological structure. If a person learns in a different manner on account of a physical disability, such as visual impairment, a hearing problem or some physical handicaps, or even a different mental makeup- such as mental retardation, a disturbed emotional state, or socio-economic or cultural disadvantage; it is not categorized as a learning disability.

Sometimes, children with learning disability also suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Studies have shown that students suffering from LDs and/or ADHD often have higher high school dropout rates. Sometimes, a child with learning disability may also suffer from lack of self-esteem and this in turn might lead to a problematic behavior pattern. It, therefore, becomes quite important to undertake early diagnosis and treatment before the problems of the child compound and he tends to suffer even more. In case learning disability is not diagnosed early and treated, it may lead to adult literacy problems. Identifying learning disabilities at an early stage ensures that the child will be assisted to achieve his potential.

There are many websites that provide regular and updated information and links that are reviewed by Universities, developmental and behavioral pediatricians, child psychologists and other experts in child behavioral health. One can learn a lot on how to help your child adjust to his learning disability and lead a life of fulfillment.