Garden Tools For Handicap

There are also numerous avid gardeners among the disabled people. But, due to their disability, they find it very difficult to work in the gardens. People suffering from different types of physical disabilities need specially made garden tools for handicap. Old age infirmities, arthritis can also make a person unable to work in the gardens. That is why, ergonomic tools should be provided for people suffering from different types of physical disability. In this way, gardening becomes easy and more accessible to them.

There are different garden tools for handicapped people. Common gardening tools such as shovel and hammers can not be used by them. As such, they need special tools. Apart from garden tools for handicap people, if you add certain features to the normal tools, it would be very much easier for the disabled person to use them. There are both ergonomic tools and enabling tools to be used by handicapped people. There are also some helping devices for handicapped people such as kneelers, foam pads, kneepads, rolling seats, two wheeled garden carts, and alike. These helping devices make it possible for the handicapped people to enjoy gardening.

A few modifications are needed to make normal tools useful for handicapped people. Mobility aids are also to be provided to the handicapped people to access the garden easily so that they may have easy access to the garden. The bed of the garden should be raised. Handrails and ramps also prove to be useful for wheel chair bound gardeners and those with visual disabilities. The pathways to the garden should be smooth and not slippery. Adapted equipment for garden make it possible even for a handicapped person to enjoy the thrill of gardening.