Free Golf Handicap Software

Free golf handicap software is an easy and convenient way to keep up the spirit of golf for the handicap people. The disability might restrain you from playing golf in the club but now you can overcome physical disabilities and get the recreation you want.

With the rising concern for the handicapped persons, various things are coming up to make them feel that they are not incompetent to perform certain tasks. Now, there are disability rights, disability law, rehabilitation programs, mobility aids, disability services and associations that try to make their life normal like ours.

So, the software companies came forward with their plans to provide methods of recreation that they find hard to do in a normal way. The adapted equipment helps the disabled person to play the game themselves thereby getting the utmost satisfaction.

The free golf handicap software makes you get started right away by just entering your name and the number of rounds you would like to play. The software helps you to enter different courses and you can save the course information from previous rounds. So, enter your desired golf rounds and start improving your golf game! The facilities of the software are:

A) Calculates USGA.
B) Tracks the performance of individuals or groups.
C) Saves scores for each game and keeps track of league standings.
D) Accommodates the casual nature of your local club.
E) You can view the performance graphs that will reveal personal trends.