Fighting The Challenge Of Learning Disability

Learning disability of children is the worst type of punishment for the parents. Many believe that learning disability is the reaction to your evil actions of the past birth. Are you not inclined to believe this? The choice is yours...

Science has been unable to address to the root cause of the problem until this day. If you visit any institution looking after the welfare of the disabled children or any of the specialized schools where special children are taught, you will feel sad and surprised about the types of disabilities the children are suffering from.

According to National Institute of Health, about 15 to 20  per cent of Americans may have some sort of learning disability. But it is not that all is lost for such persons. Persons with learning disability can still live and lead a fruitful and highly successful life.

There are many types of disabilities which the medical practitioners are unable to diagnose. To such individuals, offering mere lip sympathy will not do. They would feel disheartened and discouraged. They need to be provided with the available tools to enable them to become mentally strong. They should be encouraged to accept the challenge. Disability coupled with depression is the most undesirable state.

Children with learning disabilities have unfortunately more than one problem. Since they are unable to speak and express themselves properly, they develop a complex. They have problems in taking care of their health and bodies and the day to day living. I have seen some of the most unfortunate children having, not the day to day but moment to moment problem. Destiny is indeed very cruel to  such children!

Learning disabilities combined with depression is the most unwanted state. The reasons for such state could be:

1) Emotional scaring
2) Childhood trauma
3) Chemical imbalances
4) Insufficient nutrition
5) Lack of parental love and support
6) Lack of education
7) No exposure to positive influences.
8) Lack of proper communication

Treating such a child is difficult, but some tangible steps are necessary at this stage. At this crucial juncture, when the child or adult feels that everything is lost for them in this world, just to momentarily forget the worries, they take to alcohol and drugs. Once drawn into hard drugs, the recovery chances are remote.

Over the counter medication like antibiotics do not serve any purpose. They may create more nervous imbalance. Many specialized, Non Governmental Organizations are working in the area of supporting children with learning disability, but they meet with limited success. Counseling sessions, engaging children in arts and crafts and vocational studies like music, dancing and crafts of their choice are some of the positive indicators to solve the problem.

But ultimately, one and the only solution works. That which can not be cured, must be endured. That endurance needs to be tempered with boldness. Courage and fight- these words needs to be whispered into the ears of children as often as possible.