A Few Famous People With Learning Disabilities

The lives of famous people inspire confidence in many of us. There are a number of famous people whose lives are full of trials and tribulations.

When we analyze the work of Albert Einstein in the theory of relativity, we do not realize that as a child Albert Einstein was a very slow learner. In fact, many of Einstein’s teachers felt that he was suffering from ADHD.

This is not an isolated instance. The annals of human history are full of examples of feats achieved by people who suffered from learning disabilities during their childhood.

Charles Schwab, the founder and CEO of the Charles Schwab Corporation, the largest brokerage firm in USA, suffered from learning disorders. Other such people include John T. Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, David Neeleman, CEO of the Jet Blue Airways, and Barbara Corcoran, a reputed real estate agent.

The list of famous people with learning disabilities is seemingly endless. Chuck Close, one of America’s most famous contemporary artists, suffered from attention deficit disorder when he was a child. Mackenzie Thorpe, a famous painter, also suffered from learning disabilities. Singers Tony Bennett and Deniel Bedingfield also suffered from ADHD during their childhood.

Brian Grazer, popular producer of Hollywood movies, gives a vivid description in his personal accounts of his struggle with dyslexia during childhood. He had a tough time dealing with his learning disability. However, he successfully overcame dyslexia and went on to produce some hit movies including Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind.

Ann Bancroft is a famous adventurer. She has been honored in the National Women’s Hall of Fame. She was the first woman to travel to North Pole. She had a problematic childhood, as she suffered from acute and prolonged dyslexia.

For the music lovers worldwide, Harry Belafonte, the famous Afro-American Jazz singer and entertainer, is a household name. He had spent a childhood with a partial learning disability. Although it took him a long time, he successfully overcame all odds and become a person of prominence.