Famous People With Learning Disabilities

Disability is a term which no one wants to get associated with. There are different types of disability that affect many people. Learning disability is most common type of disability. If you think that you are all alone who is suffering from this disability then you are wrong. There are many people who suffer from learning disability.

There is no need to worry if your child is suffering from this disability because it is possible to overcome this problem. There are many famous people with learning disabilities who have come up over this disability and achieved great heights. No one will be able to say that at some point of time they were behind their fellow students.

Learning disabilities include reading disabilities, writing disabilities, cognitive disabilities and speech disabilities. This disability is also called dyslexia. If you are able to catch this problem at right time and then treat it then you can not only overcome this problem, you can also leave many people behind who were competing with you. Knowing about such people will surely boost up your morale and make you believe that you can also be like them by breaking the jinx.

Some of the best examples of famous people with learning disabilities are Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Tom Cruise, Leonard Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Mozart and Galileo. The list is endless and that is a proof in itself that nothing can stop you if are sure about yourself. You must have self confidence that you can overcome the problem. In learning disorder, your mind will function differently. And the main thing to keep in mind is that it is working, so what if differently. If you know someone suffering from this problem then you must treat him/ her with affection. Taking right care of them and making them understand things in their way will be enough for them to have confidence in them.

There are many other mental disabilities and physical disabilities like deafness or hearing disabilities, visual disabilities or handicap that need the proper care and attention too.