Dyslexia And Learning Disabilities

Dyslexia is a type of learning disorder that has claimed thousands of brains. Dyslexia survivors were believed to be dumb at a time. Dyslexia is a disturbance in the brain that decreases the person’s ability to read or interpret language correctly. Dyslexia persons may see reading material backwards, and may sometimes write, starting backwards. New studies, however show that these specially gifted people have a lot to teach.

Personally, I was privileged to have met a man with dyslexia. This man came from a background of chaos with an inability to read, interpret language and write at times. He taught me best, in that instead of using books, he told a story behind everything he taught.

The man has 50 degrees and numerous awards for his achievements as a psychotherapist to date.

After 24-years of talking to therapists, I’ve never met anyone that was on his level of understanding. The man blew my mind, because his observational skills were superb. I was in disbelief, since these people are said to interpret language backwards and misunderstand because of their symptoms. The man had more knowledge from his observation and experiences than 20 so-called normal counselors did in mental health.

Observational learning has taught me that dyslexia is another diagnose that is misunderstood.

I do not believe these people have a learning disability, rather I believe these people have special gifts to help them learn. This falls back on what I was saying earlier. I believe the so-called educators of the world have a learning disability to a large degree. Most of the material produced in courses is brief instructions that lead nowhere until you read a thousand books to grasp its meaning.

We are reading material based on a statistic that may or may not be truth in most instances. For example, we are told that the world evolves and people arrived from evolution. This is a mere opinion that one person came up with that planted a lie in thousands of heads, who in turn has planted those lies in the heads of millions of children.

Scientist has recently found that if our oxygen level decreases any lower than it already has we can all die. The scientist proved that carbon monoxide if increased could create a disaster. Thus, he ended with the new findings stating that we are leaning toward creation. A direct antagonist!

We can see that people defining mental illness and learning disabilities are lacking education, or else they too might be antagonist.

Another example is that schools teach us about the earth, but fail to teach the children that earth has many meanings, including the mortal human body.

The schools will often mislead the children, swaying them from the meaning, since religion in schools is often unacceptable. We can see false teaching plays an important role in learning.

If the system is teaching our children, filling their heads with lies and failing to realize that we were created. Failing to tell these children that we all have natural instincts that steer us right, then our children will continue with learning inabilities.

When we are born, we are giving natural instincts that will guide us to the path of learning. However, if we are swayed by human leaders that have their own learning inabilities, supposed examples, confusion will creep in the doors of the mind.