Don’t Punish Them For Learning Disabilities

A person with mental illness is often punished for something he has no control over. We live in a set-up that forces us all to behave in the same way. The person with behavior other than normal is often punished. A child who interrupts the class is punished, the child at home who doesn’t listen to his mom is punished, though most of the time he is not aware of the reason for his punishment.

The child that interrupts class can have attention deficit hyperactive disorder[ADHD]. This child is unable to listen to warnings. The reason is that child does not have control over his brain and cannot control his impulse of being noisy and the people who deal with him are unable to tolerate that behavior. In this case, it is highly rubbish to punish the child. It is better if you seek a solution. You need to tell the child that he has disorder and he can rectify his behavior by adopting some positive methods.

There is no point in punishing the child with learning disabilities and you can go for an effective technique that could prevent outbursts. The child knows that he cannot control his problem, so he is on the lookout of help. And it’s your turn not to attack child's emotions and in case you trigger them, it could make him a canon ball.

There is a strong need to stop hatred against mentally ill. These people cannot be called abnormal and cannot be confined to dormitories or cells. Remember these mentally people do not hurt other people unless provoked. Sometimes mentally ill people illustrate humanity more than normal people and all you have to do is adopt fruitful methods to make them learn.

Learning is an art and you need a creative mind to learn. If the creative mind is on the back of the brain, then you need to bring it on the front. Make the child socialize with artistic or creative people and let him have his own thoughts. This will ignite creativity in him and at the end of the day he can prove to be gold.