Disorders To Cripple Your Social Life

We might associate disability with only mental or physical disability. But, then some normal looking people may also be suffering from certain disabilities which might not be quite obvious.

These are usually not life-threatening disorders but then they do severely hamper a person's social progress. Thus, they might also harm his/her self-esteem.

Some of these disorders could be dysgraphia (difficulty in writing), dyslexia (difficulty in reading) and mathematics disorder. Those affected with these disabilities may find it difficult to read, write or work with numbers. Hence, it is very important that these disorders be recognized at an early stage and proper treatment be administered.

Because what I feel is that if they are not recognized at the earliest, then the person suffering from them might feel that he is not at par with others. However, if he is made to realize that there is nothing wrong but he would just learn at his own pace, or probably that he might be gifted in other aspects then it might lessen the pain.

So, what I propose is that an early effort be made to recognize any of these problems so that even the treatment can be started at the earliest.