Disabled Snow Skiing

Earlier, it had not been easier for the disabled or handicapped people to go in for the skiing resorts, take part in skiing and enjoy the snow. However, the invention of disabled snow skiing equipment has made it possible for people with disability to enjoy the experience of snow skiing. Nowadays, you can see lots of handicapped people with different types of physical disabilities rushing to hill stations in winter to enjoy the revelry there, all thanks to the  snow skiing equipment.

Disabled snow skiing requires disabled people to use equipment specially made for disabled people. These equipment are known as adaptive ski equipment. Now, it has become easier for a person with physical disabilities to enjoy the thrill of skiing and gliding in a snow covered slope. All the skiing provides specially designed disabled one ski equipment for people with disability. Now, it is easy for people with wide varieties of disabilities to revel in ski resorts by skiing. Individuals with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, hearing disabilities, cognitive disabilities go to the ski resorts in large numbers.

The invention of skiing equipment like 'sit-ski' and the 'mono-ski' makes it possible for a disabled skier to enjoy the sport. With these disabled ski equipment, it is possible for the disabled person to glide down the snow with other non-disabled partners. In the equipment mono-ski, the disabled person is sited in a moulded seat. With hand held outriggers, this equipment can be easily handled by a disabled person. Another is the bi-ski equipment for the disabled people. Other equipment for disabled snow skiing are the three track and four track which help disabled people to enjoy skiing.