Disability Grants

Data shows that one out of four people may become disabled for at least three to four months before their retirement age. Moreover, studies show that most of the people don’t have disability insurance. In case of such a scenario, count all your financial costs. For how long would you continue paying without having any source of regular income? How will you manage for your food, home, and other payments or some additional expenditure that you may come before you?

There are many organizations working for the disabled in USA. They provide different grants for these disabled people to meet their various needs. Some important ones among these organizations are:

1. American Community Involvement - It provides grants for education and economic development of the retarded individuals. It also includes those who have become retarded with age and thereby, lost their regular jobs.

2. Adobe Philanthropy Council - It provides grants for the non-profit organization that provides services for the physically and mentally challenged people for their education treatments and other requirements.

3. AT& T Foundation - It also helps programs meant for disabled.

4. FMC Foundation Grants - Grants provided by this foundation is aimed at giving job training, business development and other educational expenses.

5. NEC Foundation of America - It pays cash grants for the application of science and technology to help disabled people.