Disability describes a term when a person is unable to see, hear, speak, walk or understand things. In other words, when a person is not normal in physical or mental terms then it is called disability. There are various types of disability like cognitive disabilities, deafness, hearing disabilities, learning disability, mental disabilities, physical disabilities, reading disabilities and visual disabilities.

The main types of disabilities are:

1. Visual Disabilities: This includes person who has no vision or partial vision. This can also include person suffering from color blindness and vision disorder due to old age.

2. Hearing Disabilities: This includes the person who is not able to hear anything completely or partially and requires hearing aid to listen.

3. Physical Disability: This includes the person who is not able to move some parts of the body. This includes amputation, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, paralysis, Muscular Dystrophy, Arthritis and spinal cord injury.

4. Cognitive Disabilities: This includes person who is not able to learn, read, write or spell out things. This could include mental retardation when a person is not at all able to learn or understand anything.

These people are very sensitive and need extra care and protection. But, the reality is that they are not even treated equally in the society. People make fun of them and make them believe that they are different and lack something. We must always be ready to help them and care for them.

Some of the people are disabled from the birth and some other gain disability or handicap while working. There are many ways emerging to deal with problem faced by disabled person. There are many disability services, disability rights, disability law and disabilities act that are making life of disabled person a lot more easier.