Disabilities is a term that can make you shiver. You can read about this term, but thinking about this term can actually prove to be the biggest nightmare. People know how tough it is to deal with different disabilities. But still, they don't behave normally with disabled or handicapped person. But, it is very important to know that it is necessary to behave well with disabled people. They also need love, affection and attention. Our normal and helpful behavior with them could prove to be a great help.

A person could be disable from birth or can become disable because of growing age or some accident. There are many types of disabilities that a person can have. These include: deafness, hearing disabilities, learning disability, mental disabilities, physical disabilities, reading disabilities and visual disabilities. But, by the grace of God and science and technology, many ways to cure these problems and products to help you have less side effects of these disabilities, are being increasingly devevloped.

Many treatments have emerged to cure the problem completely. But, if the disability can't be cured then different aids are there to lessen the effect of disability. Different schools have opened for blind, deaf and dumb people so that they can learn and get educated just like normal people. There is brail and hearing aids that make blind people learn and make partially deaf people hear. There are many special schools that teach mentally challenged people and make them come over there challenging disability.

These people are very sensitive so we must know how to treat them. A bit of help from all directions could easily make disabled feel that they are also a part of the society and not a cut off section of society.