Creating Disability Awareness Among Children

A disabled person in childhood learns many things which ultimately shape his personality and character. During this period, it is imperative for us to educate the child about disability so that he adopts a positive and constructive outlook towards those suffering from disability. In this article we will suggest to you some creative ideas like discussions, activities, and games, etc., through which you can make your child aware of various essential things.

The first type of program or activity we are going to talk is that program that is performed in groups. Ask your child to play those games which involve many people like soccer, board games, play house, etc. Tell him that these games will be more interesting, adventurous, and fun only when many people take part in it.

Ask your child whether he enjoyed it. Also, ask him how he would have reacted if he was isolated from these games. Then only he would he realize the true feelings of how a disabled child feels like.

Ask your normal child to talk to a disabled child to find out, if they need any kind of help. Also, encourage disabled children to participate in group activities, and not to feel shy and isolated.

Another good idea is to organize a small gathering and invite disabled children or someone who is working with disabled children to talk to the gathering about disability. Ask the speaker to talk about his experiences, and also ask the children present in the gathering to interact with the children and clear their queries.

Another good way to educate your child about disability is through films and books. They are the most effective, and in fact, the easiest way of communicating with children. Lastly, you need to make your disabled child realize they are a part of the society, and have the same rights and feelings like those of the normal children.