Complimenting Learning Disability

It is important that you compliment those with learning disabilities since these people always struggle harder than the rest, to learn the same thing. Person with learning disability often show low self-esteem. Their mind often remains confused. It is also true that the person with learning disability often ponders on why he was centered out and labeled as different from the rest.

This means that this child has not grasp the meaning of different. Different is a beautiful thing. Different means that a person is completely or partially different from others. According to British definition, different is a good thing. We have different races, ethnics, class, gender and so forth. If we all were alike what a miserable place, we would live. On the other hand, the difference sparked minds, invoked hatred, and created chaos continually down through the centuries. We are all EQUAL and this is a fact that none of us can deny.

The problem is that some people or groups fail to see how wonderful different is.

We live in a diverse world where prejudice still lingers through the years. Mentally ill patients, people of different race and so on are targets for persecution. Women have struggled down through the years to become noticed for their equality. In a battling world, is it any wonder some of us have learning disability.

In this article, I will separate learning disability, since some patients are misdiagnosed. Learning disabilities means the person might struggle to learn particular subjects, due to mental interruptions. The person will show continuous signs of learning disability. However, when a person struggles in one area of learning and not in other areas, disability is inappropriate in some instances.

When a person struggles in a particular area of scholastic skill it may well be the material that is hindering the learning. It could also be a belief that was cultivated that hinders the child from learning. For example, beliefs stem from religious roots, even if a person does not have a religious family background.

Religion is the number one source that brings about confusion, since at birth we are giving the gift of intuition and insight. This natural gift deteriorates down through the years since influences poses a large problem. Influences will break down beliefs even if the belief is fact. The learning tool for this problem is yet to be discovered. However, convictions can go a long way to break down influences.

I will not cover this area of concern, since my future book in the making will provide a wealth of details. However, influences and religion is the underlying root of most problems in the world. By no means am I discouraging religion, rather asking to consider the religious teachers carefully to avoid corrupted influences.

We were all created as individuals. When a child grows, influences, which are strong persuasive voices and behaviors, affect the child. If the child notices good or bad behaviors in influences, and notices a consistency of rewards coming to bad behaviors?
I can stop here and you can fill in the blank. I hope that this will help you learn. Life is filled with lies, chaos, despair, hate and so forth. Although prejudice is slowly making its way to the back, it is still creating learning problems for millions around the world.

If your child is suffering with a learning disability, and has been diagnosed with ADHD, be sure to continue regular medical checkups. I have a good feeling that somewhere down the road physiological treatments for ADHD patients will be more in focus.

From the beginning, the DSM-IV was accurate when they linked ADHD to the central nervous system. However, when the law increased the symptoms of ADHD, more studies leaned toward mental illness and learning disability. Remembering these people are searching for answers them self can help you as a parent, find answers to your child’s problem.

Don’t ever give up if your child is struggling to learn. Instead, keep on searching for answers by keeping track of his symptoms and continuing medical checkups. If your child attends therapy, do not believe everything you are told by the expert. Rather, take it upon your self to research the marketplace to learn at your own level.