Children With Learning Disability: How To Deal With Them

Children with learning disability can be a little difficult to manage because of their specific needs and wants. They live in the world of their own and neither do they subscribe to the ways of our world, nor are they much interested in it. They simply don’t understand the world other than the one they build inside themselves. It is the loss of communication thread, the loss of connection that makes the child build a world within himself or herself. It is normally because the child feels isolated and lonely. Let that not happen.

The children with learning disability would often find it difficult to develop minor motor skills like using scissors and painting or even handling a paint brush properly. And they can be very sensitive to many things. They would hardly understand jokes, as it is difficult for them to understand different meanings ascribed to different words.

Many of them would fail to recall as to what sound each letter or a word, which is a combination of letters, made. Then, there are others who can read aloud very well. They recognize the sound each word has to make and can make them, but they have no clue as to what those lines mean. Another category of such children consists of those who have difficulty reading words, but once they are helped with it, they can understand the meaning very well.

However, a majority of them have problems with organizational skills, which translated into their losing their pencils, pens, notebooks, coats, etc. very often. Their rooms would be like a battlefield and so would be their cupboards. They simply have no idea how to organize things, and how to stack them up neatly.

In case of such children what one needs to do is try to understand them, and be very patient. They react easily, and that’s natural. But if you react to that reaction, it can make things much too difficult for the child. It is also important that if your child is showing any of the learning disability symptoms mentioned above, you go for an evaluation. As, the earlier it is detected, the better it is. Remember, so long as you do not completely cut them off from your world, there is every chance that they would overcome their disability to a very large extent, sooner or later.