Children With Learning Disability Can Do A Lot, If Bucked Up!

Learning disability is related to mental disorder such as anxiety, stress, phobia etc. The professional sometimes ignores child with learning disability, the authorities will prevent such children from learning and as a result, most children silently struggle in schools and they are just left to fend for themselves.

Sometimes a child with dangerous diagnosis works well when his teacher treats him well. Other times the same child fails in many areas of school and still called a brilliant student. Peer pressure should be stopped completely as it will prevent child from moving ahead. In your town, you will see many children with disabilities with most of them making their own gangs while others have dropped out from school.

It is an irony that most children drop out because of pressure from parents and teachers. This happens due to lack of compassion. Prohibiting strategies do not work at all times. You have to look for other options too. Try to make these children reach a level of understanding. There was a child with dangerous mind and through some professional guidance he was able to control his mind and proved the teachers wrong.

There was yet another local child who had ADHD[attention deficit hyperactivity disorder].and struggled for 5 years with his fluctuating grades. He was treated for schizophrenia and psychosis. He was willing to give the best and had the courage. And finally, he proved that he could do it. National educational association has lot of good plans for these children.

We need to follow learning disabilities in their right perspective. Do not seek experts' word at random. Parents can get positive results by applying positive methods. Blind beliefs, doctrines etc have to be put aside.