Children With Disabilities Must Go For SSI

If you are disabled, what are you waiting for? SSI is there for your asking. If you are 65 or older, or blind or disabled, SSI will make monthly payments to you. Your child under the age of 18, can qualify for SSI, if he or she meets Social Security’s definition of disability.

But, remember that the amount of the SSI you are to get will vary from one state to another because some states add to the SSI payment. If you want to know about your state’s total SSI payment, visit your local Social Security office. It will tell you more about your state’s total SSI payment.

When they decide to pay your child, they consider your child’s income and resources. Along with this, they also consider the income and resources of family members living in the child’s household. If you think that you can meet all the requirements of SSI, you must go for it.

No point in waiting and railing against your fate.