Child Autism Symptoms

Autism is a rare mental disorder that happens in 4-5 childbirths in every 10,000. However, for parents with a child suspecting to have autism, this figure does not really matter at all.

On most cases, the first sings of autism show during infancy. However, exact diagnosis may be given after the child has reached the age of 3 since many autistic children grow normally until the age of 2. The development decreases rapidly afterwards.

To determine if your child suffers from autism, here are the symptoms you need to know:

First of all, the early signs of autism can be detected on speech. The child developing autism can have language delay. This means that if the normal child learns how to speak few words before he turns 1 year old, the child with autism will be able to speak his few words later, usually at the age of 18 months onwards. But for worst cases, there are children that do not develop speech at all.

Lack of sensory pleasure is another way to know if the child is suffering from autism. It is either the child is oversensitive with physical touches or the child responds poorly on affection you give. Aside from this, the child with autism will exhibit abnormal reactions to smell, sound or touch. They may feel discomfort with ordinary smell and pain with normal daily noise and simple touch.

Other sign of autism is manifested on his eyes. Often, child drifts into his own world and detaches himself on the reality. He has lost attention on things around him and would settle to silence himself and mind his own world. This can be seen on his contentment to be alone or to play alone.

Another significant difference of the child with autism from the rest of the normal children is his lack of interest on toys. A child with autism ignores toys which are normally attractive to other children at his age.

Tantrums and frequent behavioral outbursts are another signs if the child is autistic. This is evident if the usual or favorite things he does is removed or changed by another activity. Autistic child seems to develop usual patterns and enjoys this pattern. Autistic child will also develop fascination on trains, straight lines, or moving object is common behavior of child with autism. Another sign is his love for spinning objects or spinning himself and arranging toys or objects in rows.

Other self-injurious activities including frequent banging of the head against the wall, scratching his arms with foreign objects, and biting himself are some of the symptoms of autism.

Autistic child will also develop uneven motor skills. Child who does not learn how to crawl or walk properly at the normal age would be a good suspect of autism.

Other signs of autism include poor concentration, lack of verbal abilities, and abnormal play.

But in spite all these signs, parents seem to ignore the presence of autism in their child since they are told that everything would become normal and be acquainted with the term “late boomers”. This would result to the continuous damage on the child without even knowing that it is happening. What the parents must do is to respond strictly on these matters by imposing strict rules to correct any deformities. And if there is an apparent symptom of autism, professional advice and personal research would be more helpful.