Characteristics Of Learning Disabilities

Characteristics of learning disabilities help one understand the nuances of the disease and administer the different possible medications to counter the disability. Learning disability usually means children and students having difficulties in learning, reading, lack of language skills, writing or even understanding. Learning or reading disability is a form of disability that if taken care of properly, can be overcome.

Characteristics of learning disabilities are briefly given below. A child suffering from such characteristics is likely to have autism as well:

1)  A child can not follow or remember verbal directions.
2)  Such a child can not put thoughts on paper.
3)  Children with learning disability can not read, spell.
4)  Also, they find it difficult to do numerical calculations.
5)  Creativity and imagination of such a child is very limited.
6)  A child suffering from learning disabilities is very slow to respond.

It is important that special education be provided to such children. Such a handicapped or disabled child is often provided with individual education program. Overall development of a child with learning disability requires collaboration between the parents of such a child, special class teachers, regular class teachers, and alike. It is also important that behavioral disorder of the child should be provided with supportive environment. Social security disability benefits are also to be provided so that the children with learning disabilities can lead a normal life like other normal children.