Celebrities With Disability

American and British celebrities with disabilities have helped a lot to provide funds or other resources for the betterment of disabled people in their countries. The actions of celebrities are always under the scanner and in the limelight.

Their good initiative has increased public awareness of disabled persons. Because of this focus, the issues the disabled face in life have been brought to the fore. As a result of the efforts, today the research organizations the celebrities supported have been able to improve the quality of life of disabled individuals throughout the US. Some disabled American celebrities include the following.

Michael J Fox
He is a professional actor of Canadian origin who has been acting in American films and who has made the US his home. At the age of 40 years he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in the year 1991, but he did not make it known to the public till 1998. He campaigned for more research into the illness after disclosing the fact to the public.

Considering that he was just 40 years old when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's, it focused the attention of the public on the illness who empathized with him. He believes that if more funds and resources are forthcoming, Parkinson researchers will be able to throw light on the actual cause of this illness.

Clay Walker
He is a famous guitar player who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the year 1996. The fact that he was different from normal people did not make him depressed. Although he had tingling in one of his hands, or laziness in his leg, or tiredness because of the disability due to sclerosis, he is his usual cheerful self.

He has learnt to live with his disability not by focusing on it but instead highlighting what he still is able to do with gusto. He manages to not only give rave performances during concerts, but discharges his responsibility as a loving father by reading out stories to his daughters.

Besides that he even takes part in cutting horse competitions. He keeps the illness under control with a daily injection. His positivity is so evident when he states that one day he will lose the ability to do all the things that he does now because of sclerosis so why not do them with full concentration and enjoyment.

Stephen Hawking
He is a British theoretical astrophysicist who cannot walk because of the disability in his back. He is still very active and uses a wheelchair to move about. He became famous because he explained the origin of black holes and the way of their demise. Inspite of the severe disability that Professor Hawking bears with his work has been of the highest caliber. He is married and has three children. He is an example for all disabled people as they look up to him.