Calculating Your Handicap Index With Free Golf Handicap Calculators Is A Fun!

The United States Golf Association (USGA) administers the Handicap System in the US. To compute a golfer's unofficial golf handicap index, many websites these days provide free golf handicap index calculators. Sometimes a free course handicap calculator is also provided. Such free golf handicap and course handicap calculators provide a fair idea of what one's official USGA Handicap Index might be. It may however be noted that such online golf handicap calculators are not in any way affiliated with the USGA, and neither can their results be taken to be official endorsements of the USGA Handicap Index.

At one popular website, a free 18-hole Golf Handicap Calculator enabled the computation of one's 18-hole golf handicap index for scores posted from multiple golf courses that were over 3,000 yards. The use of this free golf handicap calculator involved entering the USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating for the tees played which are usually found printed on the Scorecards. One has to enter the Scores logged for each of a minimum of the 5 most recent rounds played. The USGA Handicapping System requires the adjusted gross score. Thereafter, just clicking the button titled "Compute Handicap Index" gave you your golf handicap.

In order to understand the calculation methodology, details used by such online golf handicap calculators, one would have to understand the computation process for calculating the golf handicaps. That of course is a tedious and time consuming process. But to understand golf and get an overview of the USGA Handicap System, one could try to understand the answers to a number of interesting questions which are to be found on the FAQ page of such websites that provide free golf handicap and course handicap calculators. Hope you enjoy golf better after discovering such answers and by appreciating the nuances of this sporting game.