Assistive Technology For Disabled

You may find different assistive technologies for a disabled or handicapped person. By adjusting with their ICT, disabled adults and children can use computers and the internet. Through the ICT assistive technology, a disabled person can also enjoy life. Children with learning difficulties, reading difficulties, dyslexia and other disabilities can get proper IT education through it.

Assistive technology for disabled is divided into two parts- kits for adults and kits for children or schools. The kits for schools are further sub-divided into kits for primary education and kit for secondary education. Such assistive technologies for disabled provide a wide range of support programs for disabled adults and children. For larger kit, you have to meet certain special requirements. Assistive technology is very helpful as it helps disabled people to lead a normal life with all the necessary education rfequired to walk with age.

Each kit includes an acclaimed CD 'Successful Computing for Disabled People' which helps disabled people learn simple computing. There is also the Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) which is a national network of community-based resource centers, developers, vendors that gives support and information services to adults and children with disabilities, and increase their use of assistive, and information technologies. To enhance the living of deprived people, leading age assistive technology for disabled does a lot. People with different kinds of physical disabilities, hearing disabilities and cognitive disabilities can take the help of these assistive technology. Special needs of people with retardation can also be met through these technologies.