Activities You Should Do For Your Child Suffering From Autism

Special attention and extra patience are some of the most important things you must have to raise a healthy child, even if he is suffering from autism. And since autistic child has certain deficiencies in terms of learning, you should give extra attention the specific points he has to improve. In view of this, there are particular activities you can adapt to develop skills that are lacking on your child.

There activities are the following:

1)    Physical activities

a)    Walking and simple aerobics

Most children with autism find it difficult to take the first step or make each part of the body move as one. This is because autism affects the visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli that impair child to normally have motor skills. On several cases, autistic child possesses a low level of physical fitness since they could not move normally and would prefer to stay on his comfort zone. Providing physical activities to your child will let them develop this skill and minimize the effects of lack of body coordination as he grows up.

Of course, physical activities would provide healthy benefits to your child as well. The regular movements of the body will increase the level of correct responding, increase the attention span, and improve the behavior of your child including discipline.

b)    Body movements

Simple clapping of hands and movement of the feet are enough to start your child to improve his motor skills. This is especially important if your child is between 10 months and 2 years. This is because his arms and limbs should move normally to avoid any deficiencies as he grows old.

c)    Swimming

Swimming is considered a total body workout and is therefore give several benefits on your child with autism. It enhances the physical capability of the body to improve movement and develop the best motor skills among all types of physical activities.

2)    Mental activities

a)    Puzzle games

Puzzle games improve the imagination of your child especially on the stage of early development. These games will also improve their intellectual capacity to explore and to learn. Aside from this, puzzle games are fun and exciting for child with autism.

b)    Computer games

There are several games that are especially made for children with autism. These games can be found online and can be played for free. It is both enjoyable and educational for your child.

3)    Emotional activities

a)    Story telling

Although some autistic children have attention deficiency, taking time to read them stories can bring several benefits. This is because the child feels that he is cared. Aside from this, the connection you make through these activities is worth the time you spend telling stories to them.

b)    Walk in the park moments

If you let your child stay inside the house most of the time in his early stage of development, them maybe he could not be able to see how the outside world appears. If would then create fear to face other people that would prove to be very difficult as he grows up. For he would eventually face the world on his own, he needs to see what the world looks like. A walk in the park would introduce him to the world without the feeling of shame.