Wheelchair Van Lifts

A physically handicapped individual is often severely constricted in terms of movement. The only mode by which such an individual can move from one place to another is by using a wheelchair. Many people may think that a wheelchair is manageable and can easily move from one place to another.

That may usually not be the case. It is usually easy for a handicapped person to move in and out of a building, as most buildings are adapted with ramps that allow freedom of movement for handicapped people. Moving in and out of a vehicle however is not so easy.

A Wheelchair van lift is a specialized piece of equipment that allows a handicapped person to move in and out of a vehicle. This equipment provides independence of movement and freedom to a handicapped person. It may be based on either hydraulic operation or purely mechanical operation.

The wheelchair is simply place don the lift and the lift can be operated very easily to place the wheel chair either on the ground or at the level of the vehicle into which the handicapped person wishes to enter.

Some of the wheelchairs that are designed can be retrofitted into the van without requiring and change to the existing structure of the van. These lifts can be even fitted underneath the van and can be setup for use with minimum effort and in a short time.

The lifts can be used not just for lifting wheelchairs, but also for scooters. Such products are a boon for the handicapped and facilitate to make life easier for them. There are a number of manufacturers that design and manufacture custom-made van lifts for your vehicle. You can search online or go through the yellow pages to find a suitable manufacturer near your area.