The Importance Of Access To The Disabled

Although we are heading towards a world that is increasingly becoming full of material comforts based on technology, there are a number of issues that we need to address and a number of problems we are facing.

We have been able to send men safely to the moon and back. We have been able to send satellites to distant worlds in search of life, only to have mocking pictures of rocky and barren terrain beamed back to us.

Back at home, we have not been able to make our roads safe. News reports confirm about an average of 1500 deaths in the US per day. The number of disabled people in the US due to fatal accidents is higher than the number of people disabled due to age.

Disability is indeed a tragic situation. A disabled person’s life is changed and the disabled person has to cope with readjusting to a new way of life. As if the readjustment is not enough, a disabled person has to face discrimination in employment or education and a thoughtless lack of access to public places.

The government has passed a number of acts and set up various programs to help the disabled. However, it is society’s attitude that needs to be changed. Many disabled complain of the lack of disabled friendly facilities such as toilets, ramps and seats in libraries, theatres and public transport.

Disabled people fight to adjust to their new circumstances that in many cases were of reasons that were not in their control. They need to have access not only to facilities, but also to opportunities in employment and education. They need to be given chances to be productive members of society and to enjoy themselves.

Entitling the disabled people to disability benefits is not enough. We need to take more care in providing facilities for the disabled.