Important Things To Know About Handicap Parking Laws

Parking spaces that have closest proximity to a designated destination are extremely essential for people suffering from disability. If they are not in place then travelling to and fro becomes extremely difficult for disabled individuals. Hence, US Americans with Disability Act has regulated the development and reservation of parking space for disabled individuals.

How Is 'Handicapped' Defined
In very elementary terms, the word 'handicapped' refers to individuals who suffer from any type of disability that affects their movement. These disabilities could include blindness and other such crippling disabilities. When it comes to parking spaces, 'handicapped' also takes into consideration the organization (if any) which transports handicapped individuals to their destination.

Parking Laws for Handicapped
US laws have provisions that ensure that all public buildings, including those that are privately owned, have designated spots for handicapped parking. The same is applicable for parking spaces (both in operation as well as under construction) in and around commercial centers. When it comes to their use, US parking laws allow only those vehicles to make use of this space which bear handicapped registration plates or placards. Any other vehicle is given a parking violation ticket.

Handicapped parking laws define not only the punishment to be handed out if violation takes place but also the development of these parking spaces. The parking spot should be at least 8 feet deep and should also have additional 5 feet stripped area for offloading.

By rule, such parking spots are to have closest proximity to the entrance to a premise or should give access to handicapped-friendly passageways. If there are multiple entrances to a premise, then the law states that there are to be the same number of handicapped parking stalls too.

Use of Parking Space Meant For Handicaps
It is illegal for the general public to make use of parking space reserved for the handicaps. Such a violation attracts a parking ticket from law enforcement agencies.

How to Get Handicapped License Registration Plates
To distinguish between vehicles owned by the general public and by handicapped individuals the Department of Motor Vehicle of every state issue a special license registration plates or placards to people suffering from a disability. These then become emblematic of the right that has been granted to the vehicle owner to park his/her vehicle in the parking space reserved for handicapped individuals.

A medical certificate detailing the extent of the disability's impact on the individual's movement is necessary to get handicapped license registration plates or placards. Such a certification can be obtained from either a member of the handicapped driver-training unit or a general physician.

Violation of Handicapped Parking Law
Violation of handicapped parking law attracts a parking ticket in all states. This is also the case when the handicapped member of the family is not present with the driver.