How To Know If A Disabled Is Ready For A Van?

Commutation can be a major challenge for the disabled. This is more so with the case of spinal cord injury survivors. Thankfully enough, they have modified vans at their aid that can facilitate commutation. However, a disabled individual may not be completely ready for a van.

Many disabled individuals are simply apprehensive of shifting from their cars to a modified van. The reason behind the same could be many. From not wanting to give up the challenge to lack of finance needed for modifications, there could be several factors stopping them.

However, sometimes switching to a modified vehicle may become inevitable. If you too find yourself stuck in a dilemma, considering a few factors may be of great help.

Physical function
If a person experiences pain and fatigue while using the existing car, switching to a modified van would be a sane decision. Not dealing with the problem immediately could mean that things would get worse.  Shifting your chair to and from the car may be inconvenient and can cause increased stress on the joints. Sometimes, this can lead to pain that starts from the shoulders and goes down to the wrist. Persistent transfers from chair to the car and vice versa can lead to increased stress and eventually more damage. So, if fatigue and pain remain persistent while shifting from your wheelchair to the car, it's to make the switch.

For many, their vehicle is an extension of their personality. It can reflect if a person is sporty, fun, adventurous, commands respect or is sedate. So, giving up their vehicle could mean disowning a part of their personality. This is the reason why many people are unwilling to make the switch. Come to think of it - wouldn't it be compromising on your personality even in the case of having someone do your transfer each time? So, it is better to give up a part of your personality and be independent rather than fall back on someone for help each time.

Support bearers
You may not experience the pain in your shoulders but the one doing the transfers on your behalf may feel so. Your spouse, child, friend or your care giver may be doing all the chores, transfers and lifting heavy weight on your behalf. As a result, their physical condition may deteriorate over the time. So, don't be selfish and care for them too.

A modified van does come with increased costs. Of course, you will need money for the modifying and maintaining the vehicle. However, this cost will be worth it. It will enable you to be more independent and happy. In fact, being out on your own could also empower your physical fitness levels.

Keep these considerations in mind and taking the decision to switch to a modified van would not be all that difficult.