Handicapped Travel

Hadicapped travel stands for travel for the disabled people. A large population of the world suffers from  physical or mental disabilities. Such people  are called handicap. Disabled people with positive attitudes and advanced technology are able to enjoy their lives. Some people are disable by born with diseases like blindness, epilepsy and deafness. And there are groups of aged people  with crippling diseases such as diabetes and artritis. However, each one of them would prefer to see the places of their choice around the world.  But travelling is not a thing done in a haste. You need to plan first.

You better read about the place before you set out so that you may not have trouble in finding them out. Collect tickets or make reservations as it may create problem if done at the eleventh hour. Try to find out about services special meals, etc of the plain or train you have to visit in. You should always carry written guidelines with you. Even if you don't read them you can ask for help by showing them to anybody else. It's always helpful to have a copy of the address of the place where you are going. Keep necessary stuff with you at all the time. Don't forget your valuables.

If you lost your purse or wallet or someone takes it, you still fid out the place you have to go. Beware of the bus timings. Inform the bus driver where you have to get off so that he knows to remind you. Tell others about your needs. Inform your travel agent you are using that you are handicap although sometimes it is quite visible.

Ask questions if you cannot find a gate at the airport or bus stand. You can ask a customer service representative to help you find your way. Carrying a cane or other mobility equipment is must. If you bring a suitcase or bag, you should know its specialities. It would be helpful if you paste a colored  sticker to help you with easy recognition. You should know about accommodations also. Foreign countries may have services unknown to you.