Handicapped Equipped Vans Are A Boon For The Disabled!

When it comes to the transportation for the disabled, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides several measures and directives for bus services, rail and other mass rapid transport services to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. Even bus and train stations are required to be accessible. Many vehicle manufacturing companies have begun manufacturing special vehicles and vans for people with some form of handicap or the other following the guidelines of the ADA.

For people with mobility impairments, the handicapped or disability equipped vans have been arranged to move into the van with their wheelchair. These vans can be equipped with powered wheelchair accessibility to the driver's seat or the passenger seat or both. The van is specially designed and equipped with a ramp for boarding and disembarking along with the wheelchair. The full size versions of such vans offer seating flexibility and interior space.

However, they do pose some inconvenience to the handicapped by way of difficulties in finding parking space and maneuvering the vehicle into parking slots, etc. For this reason mini handicapped vans are preferred as they are not only compact, but also quite spacious and can provide flexible seating options. Moreover, mini handicapped vans can also be easily tailored or customized according to the special driving needs of the handicapped.

Handicapped vans are equipped with a ramp for boarding and disembarking along with a wheelchair. For this reason, these vehicles are also called wheelchair cars. To ensure adequate safety while getting in or out of the van along with a wheelchair, some manufacturers also offer motorized lifts instead of a ramp.

These wheelchair accessible vans have many adaptive features like powered door openers, fully crash tested lowered floor system for side entry, lowered side door, foldable power driven aluminum ramp with non skid surface, enhanced suspension systems, external entry controls, fully operational hand operated zero-effort steering wheel, brakes and touch-pad driving controls, removable front passenger seat, wheelchair straps and brackets, multiple wheelchair tie-down points, etc.

To make the journey for disabled more enjoyable, there are various features that can be added with the consideration of providing vehicle safety. Such vans therefore not only provide safety and comfort for the mobility of people with disabilities but allow them to participate meaningfully in society.