Ease The Condition With Handicap Scooter Lifts

Handicap people have mobility problems. They find it difficult to cover every short or long distances.

Even if you cover long disatances with the mobility vehicle like car or van but the vehicles have limitations and you can't drive them into enclosed areas. Moreover you may need to look around comfortably annd enjoy the beauty of nature. This is where a scooter lift is desperately needed. The scooter lifts are easily attached to the cars or vans. A disabled can easily carry his scooter with the help of this lift. He can get into his scooter as and when he feels like because the lift can be lowered with a push of a button.

There are various model s of scooter lifts available in the market and sometimes its really confusing which one to choose. Let us discuss these scooter lifts one by one.

Model 550
It has spring attached to it which makes it easy to raise or lower. It has a lifting capacity of 92 kg.

Model 570
It is efficient in raising or lowering a scooter of 400lb. It can be easily swung out of the van or car due to its less resistance design. It can be attached to mini vans, cars or SUV also. It is fully adjustable and takes little time in installation. It is run by battery and need no structural modification.

Model VSL 6000
It is interior mobility vans scooter lift giving and can be easily attached to mini vans, full size vans, SUV and even trucks. You can rotate you scooter onthis lift easily and for your convenience. This scooter lift allows third row seating space , cargo space and dood visibility fir the driver.

Model VSL 6900
It lifts 190 kg and its powered rotation facilitates the control over lifting or lowering the scooter.Its telescopic head allows big sized mobility vehicle to get attached with samll vehicle openings.

In addition to the models ther are other models such as Elite G2 and scooter lift excell, each carrying its ditictive features and it is quite up to the customer as to which one suits him.