Disabled Car Parking

Spaces for disabled car parking can be seen in most car park zones. People with disability need more help to park their vehicles. There is a parking sign for disabled car parking which is placed at a higher altitude in a parking zone. Usually a sign shows wheelchair logo plates on a car. A sign to this effects shows that there is a disabled driving the car. People with disabilities are allowed to park their car at a shopping mall or at work.

The American Disability Administration has made it compulsory public places to provide parking spaces for the disabled. Moreover, there is a disabled parking identification card issued to the people with disabilities. And people with disability have to register themselves with the disabled license plates. Cars carrying disabled people are granted some privileges in the parking spaces. They are exempted from time limitations and get half an hour extra time.

Some spaces in the car parks are reserved for them. They don't have to pay any extra amount for the extra time they have been given. These advantages are available the following types of people. Firstly, for those who own a car with disabled license plates, and if they are themselves present in the car park. Secondly, those for whom the Department of Transportation has issued disabled parking I-Cards can have this advantage. Thirdly, a person having a disabled van which operates only for people with disability can have these advantages.

There is a law enforcement officer who monitors the administration of car parking spaces for the disabled and violation of the code of conduct prescribed would invite punishment. This could lead to a penalty of $30 to $300. Moreover, there is a blue badge given to the people with disability. This is designed to distinguish them from the rest of the people. A person with a badge is allowed to park his disability car very close to the destination. Thus, parking cars for the disabled has been given the priority and easy access they require.