Disabled American Veterans Are Taken Care Of With Various Plans!

In the US there are a host of welfare organizations for veterans. Amongst the leading ones is Disabled American Veterans (DAV) which is an institution that concentrates on the improving the lives of disabled veterans and their families. Disabled American Veterans achieves its objective by giving free help and assistance to veterans in getting benefits and services to which they are entitled for their services in the armed forces.

DAV is the leading representative of the concerns of disabled veterans, their families, widowed spouses and orphans in voicing their representations before federal, state, and local governments.

The battlegrounds of Iraq and Afghanistan have generated a fresh debate over the plight of disabled wartime veterans for whom DAV is feverishly working to ensure that they are taken well cared of and find them a secured future.

DAV directly represents veterans with the view to get them the benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as from the Department of Defense.  DAV carries its mission of hope to communities of interest where disabled veterans and their families reside. The free services provided by DAV are available to all veterans without any bias.

The National Voluntary Service Program of DAV runs a large number of programs with the help of interested citizens who are touched by the plight of veterans and provide services for them through the support and guidance of DAV.

This includes programs like the Transportation Network, which provides free to and fro transportation for veterans from VA medical facilities for treatment, and the Voluntary Service Program that helps volunteers at VA hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes through its VA Voluntary Service Program. Its National Legislative Program sees to it that disabled veterans are not disregarded by lawmakers.

The organizational structure of DAV with veterans themselves at the helm of affairs provides an opportunity through which the veteran leaders can show their compassion and concerns for fellow veterans.