Disability Laws, Disability Acts For Parking Zones

The rights and aids issued under various disability laws of the modern times touch almost every sphere of life of a disabled person. All the provisions are made to make them feel comfortable and high self esteem.

The American disability Act when introduced did not include so many facilities. Thanks to all those organizations, who worked persistently to highlight the sufferings of disabled in front of the senate and made these laws a reality today.

With this, a disabled person can substantially live life like other normal people. They can comfortable travel and enjoy their presence in the public places. There are several provisions announced for the parking and public transportation for disabled. These are:

Disability parking zones
Today it is necessary to facilitate the premises of every public building with tools and other necessary equipments to assist and help the disabled. Recently even more is added to this. We have all new parking laws for disabled now. Every building should provide extra space in the premises for the disabled persons.

This is to help the disabled person park his car or other vehicle comfortably. The facility must be provided by all the parking areas or else they are violating the codes of conduct of the country. It is compulsory and no public service is spared from it. The “parking zone” for the disabled is not only confined to these areas. Even the traffic permitted areas must have spaces for the disabled.

Is there any procedure for the disabled people to park in the areas meant for them?
Yes, a disabled person needs to receive a permit card from the traffic authority or respective branch of parking. They will receive passes for the parking in these special zones. To get the passes you can apply it on the concerned office. You can also find these offices in some of the parking zones and collect your voucher for disabled parking.

Parking in emergencies
In case of an emergency, the disabled person also has the right to park in some of the no-parking areas. This is given as a special privilege to them. These areas can be located with the symbol of disability parking place. So as a disabled person you only need to find the symbol to park your car.