Car Parking For Disabled People

The American Disability Associations, ADA and other disability codes or laws have made it a compulsion for ever premises including society buildings and public apartments or offices, hotels, colleges, theaters, malls, and multiplexes to make provisions for car parking for the disabled people. Besides, they are given concessions of parking fee in the areas. They have to carry the blue badge or the disability symbol and pass for their cars. In a car parking, they are allowed to park their vehicles for free or for monthly pass with a huge discount. Especially, in hospitals which the disabled have to visit frequently for check-ups, the discount parking rates are very affordable.

The car parking for disabled should be such that it provides extra space in the premises of the buildings to easily park their cars or disability aids. The facility must be provided by all parking areas or else they would be violating the codes of conduct laid down by the state and federal governments. Car parking for disabled people requires more space because their vehicles require to open the rear doors and to pull down ramps for gliding down the wheelchairs or the handicapped scooters. Therefore, a common congested space in the parking areas doesn't suit a disable candidate. The special provisions are mandatory keeping in view their special needs and have now been incorporated as their civil rights.