These Disability Learning Cases Should Be Treated With Compassion

Children with learning disability show symptoms of mental disorder. When child behaves in abnormal way, teacher is required to look for special needs for the child. The main symptom is oppositional defiant behavior which is to be carefully watched and realize the situation. It is fairly unlikely that such a child will be disciplined if the teacher unnecessarily gets hard on him.

If the teacher sees that child in classroom is in a struggling mode, he has to handle it carefully, If other children torture disabled child in school, the disabled child has to suffer silently. The teacher is unable to pay much attention to the disabled child as he is already preoccupied. Oppositional defiant is a set pattern of behaviors. The child with this disorder have other disorders too. These disorders are called psychopathy tendencies. If the child becomes aggressive without any reason, then he has psychopathic tendencies.

The child with oppositional defiant disorder causes harm and breaks standard laws. He sometimes makes statements in an aggressive way and has a particular thinking pattern. He even resorts to violence with adults and teachers. This behavior is generally called substance abuse. The child cannot concentrate on learning and becomes addict of substances.

Depression is a result of substance abuse and is touchy consideration. Depression can be normal or abnormal making the child depressed for weeks in case of child abuse. The main symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHE] are lack of attention, boredom, hyperactive behavior and short tension spans. ADHE is a strange problem as the diagnosis can be done only in case behavior patterns are consistent for a particular span of time.

Anxiety is another symptom of disability and results in mood swings. This is called chemical imbalance in medical terms and finally results in mental illness. The teachers are bound to make conclusions for the child but the reason is that they lack diagnosis. Some teachers conclude this as result of family problems. If there are family problems, then it is also child abuse in another way. This happens specially when parents are drug addicts and alcoholics. Domestic violence is also the reason for child's mental disorder. Sometimes prejudices done to these children are also responsible for this disorder and this will lead only to false diagnosis. Learning disability can be solved in a child, what a teacher is required to do is he should not discriminate against these children.