There’s Lack Of Understanding In Learning Disabilities

Nobody in the world would like to have learning disability throughout his or her life and it becomes a bane for the person who suffers from it. Learning disability is a disorder in which the child has difficulty in learning or assimilating information that may be easy for other children. It is usually caused by neurological factors, which includes abnormal functioning of the brain due to faulty structure or hormonal imbalance.

Children with learning disability are usually of average intelligence. However, inability in leaning and understanding something is one of the telling signs of learning disability since these children, despite being intelligent, are unable to process information in a way that is required for good academic performance. Learning disability can impede a child's ability to read, write or compute mathematical problems.

For instance, you have been taught all through your life that lying is not all that bad until you actually get trapped in some big lie and you are punished. This is a big contradiction. In learning disabilities, there is a breakdown in communication and you have to check all these beliefs, codes and ethics to break walls of learning disabilities. Nobody is able to learn all elements in his life since as every thing has its limits. Anyway, it should not be forgotten that the children with learning disabilities are special souls and they have just been robbed of their right to learn. Trust and beliefs are all that matter in learning and play important role to treat disabilities.

I came across a woman who was suffering from multiple personality disorders and fought disability with strong beliefs. Though, she was disabled but went to school and fought one thing all through her stay that if you are different, you are a target of persecution. Now after recovering, she manages to compete with the normal students in the class. Earlier, she was taunted and ridiculed but she fought her way back. Although she left the school, I feel that she was victorious in her way. She had self esteem, fighting spirit. It is important that you be firm in disability. No one can come in the way of you becoming a genius. After a lot of research on this lady, she was diagnosed for multiple personality disorders[MPD]  These are also called disassociate identities. She had post traumatic stress disorder[PSD] also and carried the symptoms of amnesia. These disorders became blessing in disguise for her and she rejected false beliefs and got great strength. Se got answer to almost every question.

Today this woman is victorious. She mastered the whole dictionary and she learned beyond normal capacity. Ultimately she was able to leave behind lot of people who were normal. It will not be any exaggeration if I say that not a single person can challenge her capacity and genius. She has been blessed by extraordinary learning capability. And that’s the reason that learning disability is not defined properly every time.