Suggestions For Parents Of Special Children

It is commonly seen that, bringing up a 'special child' becomes an extremely difficult and frustrating task for the parents. However, what is important is that the child is mentally or physically weak and needs as much love, support and guidance as possible. In order to provide all this to him, we need to be strong enough, ourselves.

Here are some of the steps that you can take to ensure that your 'special child' grows up like a normal child.

It is important to be in regular touch with your paediatrician and measure your child's growth. Also, he would be able to tell you how you can maximize his abilities and let him grow in the best possible manner.

The child's teachers also need to be informed about the same so that they may not put undue pressure on the child and at the same time make him grow to the max of his capability.

Nothing beats a mother's intuition. She is the best person who knows her child inside-out. Still, it is always a better idea to read and collect as much information as possible about your child's disability. This is desirable so that you can help him/her in the best possible manner.

Also, let him be in the company of other children who might be suffering from the same disease. This would provide him more social security. But, whenever he is with his siblings or other normal children, it is not a good idea to single him out. Just let him try out everything at least once and let him decide what he wants for himself.

Above all, he/ she just needs your love, support and attention.